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"Prologue has had the pleasure of working with Fana Soro for many years. We are absolutely delighted to play a role in supporting his work in schools across Ontario. Fana is consistently one of Prologue’s most popular artists and performs widely in communities of all sizes and regions of the province. In addition to his successful Yamo! Yamo! Greetings from West Africa! performance and associated workshop, Fana has a Study Guide that has proven to be a valuable resource for educators".

- Tim Whalley, Prologue's Executive Director

"Fana Soro offers a number of programs through MASC: West African drumming and dance workshops, as well as a solo performance. Fana has a strong commitment to arts education and offers these performances and workshops to students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12/sec V. His work is of the highest artistic and educational quality, he is conscientious and offers his art form with much enthusiasm and creativity. As an artist he is accessible and professional he is easily able to engage the student audience in a playful, yet respectful way. Schools have a high regard for the vibrant experience that Fana Soro offers and we receive consistently positive feedback from teachers and students".

- Wendy Hartley, Co-Interim Executive Director at MASC
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