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"If you know how to breathe, you know how to dance."

~ Fana Soro

Fana Soro is a musician, dancer and educator who hails from the Senoufo tribe in northern Côte d'Ivoire. He spent 9 years as a member of the prestigious Ballet National de Côte d'Ivoire touring England, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Martinique and West Africa. 

Fana is a hereditary master of the balafon, a West African gourd-resonated xylophone. In 1997, Fana moved to Vancouver where he became a cultural ambassador for West Africa, bringing his vast experience of engaging students over a hundred Canadian schools for years. He also formed and became creative director of Masabo, a performance group specializing in traditional West African music, dance and story,

In 2009 Fana moved to Ottawa and has resided there ever since, continuing to spread his knowledge and love for West Africa and its culture. 

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